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The water in our area is generally hard water and contains a lot of iron. By using a water treatment system this will make sure the water quality is good. Water with a lot of iron in it can change the colour of clothing and stain appliances. Hard water can make appliances seem dirty, and will not clean as well. Overall by having good water quality it will prolong the life of your appliances.

What we offer for water treatment

Iron Filters– chemical free iron filters that range from 1 cubic foot up to 3 cubic feet.

Water Softeners– A water softener is a filtration system that remove minerals from your water that are causing hardness in your water. This hard water can cause build up in your pipes and can also be damaging to your appliances and will actually decrease their life span. 

By installing a water softener you will notice that your dishes are cleaner and you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning. Your clothing will be brighter and softer, and your hair and skin will be more clean and softer.

We sell a wide variety of water softeners, ranging from a 20,000 grain unit to a 90,000 grain unit.

Reverse Osmosis– An RO purifies your drinking water. Our RO’s have the ability to remove 95-99 percent of TDS as well as chlorine taste and odor. We sell Reverse Osmosis units that produce up to 75 gallons of water per day. 

UV water treatment– The quality of your drinking water can change on a daily basis, and there is always a chance of contamination. Ultra Violet water disinfection is a safe and chemical free way of treating your water. 

Servicing your water treatment system

We sell and service all makes and models of water treatment equipment.

We recommend servicing your treatment system annually. This can help improve the longevity of water treatment. We offer free water tests for iron and water hardness. 


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